The Milos Conference Center – George Eliopoulos has brought to Milos a never known before cultural atmosphere. In a very short time, after its inauguration on 1st July 2000, the Center has attracted a large number of events, such as conferences and meetings, as well as concerts, theatrical performances, etc., which would not be possible to take place without its existence. Other events that were taking place in the pre-existing small halls (like school events and in general children shows, events of local cultural associations) have been upgraded in the high aesthetic and comfortable installations of the center. Αn average of over 5,500 Conferees and event partakers in general are passing the doors of the Center yearly.

The plans of the Milos Conference Center – George Eliopoulos are much greater than what has been already accomplished. Thus, in parallel to the events organized by third parties, the Milos Conference Center has set up the “Milos Conferences”. The aim of the “Milos Conferences” is the dissemination of the scientific and technological developments, by creating the conditions for interaction among various disciplines as well as between academia and industry.

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